What is a No Objection Certificate? Know the Format, Uses & more of NOC Certificate (2023)

No Objection Certificate is an official document issued by the local Regional Transport Office (RTO). It allows the vehicle to be re-registered with another RTO in another state. It also certifies that the vehicle is free from pending tax dues. You may see that documents require a "No Objection letter/Certificate", i.e., a NOC letter or just a NOC. Many applicants have difficulty meeting this requirement. It is not because it is difficult to obtain. Rather it is because many applicants don't know what it is.

To cancel the NOC, you’ll have to get a Non-Usage Certificate from the RTO stating that you've not registered the vehicle there. Non Usage certificate is RTO’s official statement stating that you've not re-registered your vehicle in that state. You need to carry out a 4-step process for NOC cancellation. Read the overview of the No Objection Certificate below.

Did You Know?

A NOC submitted to the credit bureaus ensures a healthy credit score as it helps clear any future discrepancies and legal hassles regarding repayment of the loan.

What is a No Objection Certificate? Know the Format, Uses & more of NOC Certificate (1)

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An Overview of No Objection Certificate

A NOC is a declaration of consent that allows a person or company to move forward with the construction or purchase of the property. A No Objection Certificate (NOC) is a must-have obtained from the relevant government authorities before constructing any apartment, bungalow, or other structure.

What is a No Objection Certificate? Know the Format, Uses & more of NOC Certificate (2)

Without a NOC, the property will be subject to legal hardships. Different authorities require different No Objection Certificates for various property transactions. It is essential to understand the importance of the NOC letter, which has been discussed below.

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Importance of NOC Letter

The NOC is among the essential legal documents required while purchasing or selling a property. A NOC is issued to clarify that the building doesn't follow any violation of the guidelines implemented by an agency, organisation, or institute. It is a brief guide to the distinctive types of NOCs you require before making a property transaction.

Where Can I Use NOC?

  • A mortgage does not require a mortgage NOC.

Developers usually borrow money from banks and other financial institutions to complete their projects, and they also often mortgage them to secure financing. It is crucial to request a NOC from the developer in such situations. Once you receive the NOC, the bank cannot challenge the property transaction about a mortgaged project.

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  • A builder or society does not require a NOC.

A NOC must be obtained from either the society owning the apartment or the builder who constructed it before you bought it. A NOC is necessary to ensure that no fees are owed by the seller when the property is disposed of. This document is proof that you will be accepted as a member. If a property transaction includes a loan from a bank, a NOC must be presented, and the bank will not issue a NOC to society for the transfer of an apartment.

  • RERA does not require a No Objection Certificate.

Section 15 of the Real Estate Regulation Authority (RERA) requires that a developer transfers his liabilities and rights to another party. They must obtain a NOC at least from 2/3rds of the allottees. The RERA command provides the same certificate after the allottees get the certification.

  • No Objection Certificate from court by the administrator

In Section 307 of the Indian Succession Act 1925, they stated that an administrator can't transfer, mortgage, or sell property that they can't move without the court's permission. Also, you can't lease such properties for more than 5 years without permission from the administrator. Any urban evolution authority, or any other authority, will not issue a No Objection Certificate to the building which has violated the construction bylaws. After thorough, fair and transparent inspections, authorities will issue NOC.

  • Collector issues a No Objection Certificate

It's necessary for a few states that the Collector issues the NOC before you transfer the property. This is necessary in cases where corporations or development authorities lease their lands. The lease documents require that the lessor inform the collector about the transfer or mortgaging and obtain a No Objection Certificate.

No Objection Letter Format

It is very easy to create a NOC for a visa, and it doesn't have to be lengthy or complex. The message must state that the university or company has no objection to their student or employee getting a Schengen visa for travel. This shows the visa application centres that the university or company trusts you will return to fulfil your obligations.

The following elements make up a simple NOC:

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  • Address of the Visa Application Centre
  • Date of the letter's writing
  • Name of student/employee
  • Contact information and address of academic adviser/supervisor
  • Name of academic adviser/supervisor
  • The paragraph in which the university or company has no objections regarding the travel.

What is a No Objection Certificate? Know the Format, Uses & more of NOC Certificate (3)

How to Issue a NOC?

The No Objection Certificate in India is a legal document that authorities issue according to the purpose, such as:

  • Offer
  • Trade
  • Business deals/transactions
  • If applicable, income tax
  • Apply for passport
  • Schools and colleges may request permission from parents or higher officials to perform certain tasks on a smaller scale.

NOC is Important for Vehicle Immigration

You must re-register your vehicle in the new place if you plan on moving your vehicle from one city to another. You don't have to re-register your vehicle if you move it for less than 3 months. However, registrations for longer periods are mandatory.

A No Objection Certificate from your local, regional transport office (RTO) is crucial for the registration process. The NOC is necessary for vehicle registration and states that the vehicle has not been subject to traffic or dues violations. You must present the document at the time of vehicle re-registration.

What are the Consequences of Not Acquiring NOC?

  • Credit scores can be severely affected. It is possible that you will not be eligible to receive future loans.
  • Emotionally, you feel exhausted and may experience panic attacks. You will also feel tired because of the emotional turmoil.
  • Lenders may sue you if there is no evidence.
  • Due to lack of evidence, you may be asked for the amount you have already paid. This is a waste of time that will require more effort.

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What Is the Application Process?

Here we explain to you the procedure to apply for a NOC. You don't need to worry because there are hardly any complications.

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  • You must submit the form CMV 28 along with all necessary documents.
  • To submit the No Objection Certificate application, the applicant must visit the nearest RTO.
  • You will need to pay ₹100.
  • If there are no pending issues, a clearing receipt is issued.
  • The RTO receives a police report on the traffic and legal violations against the vehicle after you apply.
  • The RTO takes three days to provide the No objection certificate after approval.

Here is a list of documents you need to submit with your NOC certificate application:

  • You must submit proof of address and identity for the vehicle owner.
  • Registration certificate
  • Permit certificate
  • Certificate of insurance
  • PUC (pollution under control) certificate

You can either download a No Objection Certificate or create your own.

Validity of the NOC

The No Objection Certificate you can download, submit, or issue. It is valid for 6 months, after which the individual must complete the registration. You can't get the NOC if you fail to register, and you must follow the same process if you are selling your vehicle.


Not only is the NOC necessary to move a vehicle between states, but it is also vital when you sell a vehicle to someone who plans to transport it to another state. In India, interstate vehicle transfers are a bit complicated, and many agencies and vehicle transport firms can assist you in learning more about these procedures.

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What is the format of NOC? ›

NOC Format for Leaving a Job

This is to certify that Mr/Ms/Mrs. _______________________ has been relieved of his duties and responsibilities as a ______________________ at ____________________________ on his request. We are grateful for their services and wish him luck in his future endeavours.

What is the purpose of a No Objection Certificate? ›

A NOC or a No Objection Certificate is an essential legal document issued by an organization, agency or even by individuals stating no objection to the covenants mentioned in the certificate. This document serves many purposes including immigration, general litigation and even employment.

What is the meaning of no objection? ›

If you say that you have no objection to something, you mean that you are not annoyed or bothered by it. I have no objection to banks making money. I no longer have any objection to your going to see her.

How can I get my NOC certificate? ›

Documents required
  1. Application in Form 28.
  2. Certified copy of the certificate of registration.
  3. Certified copy of the certificate of insurance.
  4. Evidence of payment of motor vehicle tax up-to-date.
  5. Pollution under control certificate.
  6. Chassis & Engine Pencil Print*
  7. Signature Identification of owner*
Dec 28, 2022

What is NOC and why it is required? ›

A No Objection Certificate or NOC is a legal document that is issued by the Regional Transport Office (RTO). If you intend to move from one state to another and take your two-wheeler with you, you need to re-register your vehicle to the new state.

Who can give NOC? ›

The car owner will need to go to the local RTO to submit the NOC application. The completed CMV 28 form and other required documents must be submitted. A fee of Rs. 100 is required for the application of the NOC.

What does NOC mean in law? ›

No Objection Certificate, popularly abbreviated as NOC, is a type of legal certificate issued by any agency, organisation, institute or, in certain cases, an individual. It does not object to the covenants of the certificate.

What is another word for NOC? ›

A network operations center (NOC, pronounced like the word knock), also known as a "network management center", is one or more locations from which network monitoring and control, or network management, is exercised over a computer, telecommunication or satellite network.

Why is NOC required for visa? ›

The main purpose of a Schengen Visa NOC Letter from an employer or company is to state that the company you are working for agrees for you to take off the days for which you applied for the Schengen Visa and to assure that you are permitted to travel abroad.

What documents are required for NOC? ›

Documents like passport, citizenship certificate, academic documents, offer letter are required for obtaining a NOC letter.

How can I write NOC letter in English? ›

8 Tips for Improving Your Writing Style
  1. Be direct in your writing. Good writing is clear and concise. ...
  2. Choose your words wisely. ...
  3. Short sentences are more powerful than long sentences. ...
  4. Write short paragraphs. ...
  5. Always use the active voice. ...
  6. Review and edit your work. ...
  7. Use a natural, conversational tone. ...
  8. Read famous authors.
Sep 23, 2022

How long does an NOC take? ›

3 to 5 working days.

How I get my NOC online? ›

How to Download NOC Application
  1. Step 1: Visit the Parivahan website at https://parivahan.gov.in/parivahan/.
  2. Step 2: Log into your account.
  3. Step 3: Under the 'Online Services' section, click 'Application for No Objection Certificate (NOC). ...
  4. Step 4: Enter your registration number, chassis number, and mobile number.

How long is a NOC valid? ›

Once issued, NOC remains valid for a maximum of 6 months. Thus, if you have obtained the certificate, make sure to re-register the vehicle to your new jurisdictional RTO within this span when moving a vehicle from one state to another.

Why is IT called NOC? ›

You're not alone if you've wondered what “the NOC shift” means. Somewhere in the long history of medicine, the night shift was called the nocturnal shift, staffed by nocturnal nurses.

Can a lawyer deny NOC? ›

No there are no risk and he shall not create any problem lest he does he himself will land into pronlem. 3. NOC is no mandatory and your lawyer can tell the situation to the court, also cite COVID as reason but papers are necessary.

Who has to pay for the NOC? ›

Owner must pay AED 4,020 to the land department in order to acquire an evaluation report on the value of the property. From the building's developer, the owner should request a No Objection Certificate (NOC).

Can NOC be denied? ›

No Objection Certificate cannot be denied on the grounds that it was not applied for through a proper channel.

What happens if a lawyer does not give a NOC? ›

U can file an application before the concerned court where ur case is pending and u can pray for change of counsel and mention the reasons why u wany to do it and also state in it that the counsel is not giving u the NOC so u filed that application.

Can a company refuse to give NOC? ›

It's important to point out that your employer may accept or reject your NOC. The employer is not legally forced to provide this document since it should be freely given. Therefore, if your employer doesn't give this to your new job, you may get a labor ban.

Does no objection mean approval? ›

If you say that you have no objection to something, you mean that you are not annoyed or bothered by it.

Can employer refuse to give NOC? ›

It has been mandated that in any case where a non-citizen employee wishes to transfer to another company, he/she must furnish an NOC.


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