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Executive Summary

Finally! Real EssayPro Review (2023) | ScamFighter (1)

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Service features
Overall Rating - 4.7The Lowest Price - $ 12.00Minimum Deadline - 6.0 Hours

EssayPro is a top-notch writing service for students where they can choose writers themselves. All the nuances can be discussed before the order placement. Is EssayPro scam? Customers here are not buying a pig in a poke. Although they have to put some money into their accounts before placing an order, they pay for the essay or any other assignment only after the delivery.The quality of papers crafted by their experts is above average, so you may ask for assistance with the tricky and voluminous assignments. But are there any pitfalls? Let's figure it out together.

Finally! Real EssayPro Review (2023) | ScamFighter (2) Service Review

EssayPro is a paper writing company and seasoned veteran in the custom-writing business. They claim to have been working since 1997. Certainly, it is a very big advantage, but is it true? In this EssayPro review, we are going to find it out together.

The full review is below. Keep on reading and discover more interesting facts if EssayPro is legit or a scam.

Finally! Real EssayPro Review (2023) | ScamFighter (3) Pros and Cons


  • Fair quality
  • Short deadlines available
  • You can choose the writer
  • Direct line to the writer
  • Low rates
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  • Minor mistakes and typos
  • Fake foundation date

Finally! Real EssayPro Review (2023) | ScamFighter (4)Online reputation

To discover whether EssayPro is a reliable company or not I went online to read essay writing service reviews on different platforms. EssayPro has a good online rating. Reviews about them on sites like SiteJabber, ResellerRatings, and Trustpilot (upd.: Trustpilot has recently deleted their reviews about essay services but you can still find screenshots of these reviews in our reviews or on Webarchive)are overly positive but, of course, not spotless.

Finally! Real EssayPro Review (2023) | ScamFighter (5)

Finally! Real EssayPro Review (2023) | ScamFighter (6)

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As for dissatisfied customers, the main complaints included missed deadlines and not following instructions. I noticed that no matter how good the company is, there will always be someone who is dissatisfied. Unfortunately, I did not find any EssayPro Reddit channel or even a page. Perhaps, you will be the one to create it. Based on what I managed to find about this paper writing company, I think EssayPro is safe and you can try their services.

Finally! Real EssayPro Review (2023) | ScamFighter (7) Guarantees

EssayPro Money Back Guarantee policy is no different than other companies' policies. You’re entitled to EssayPro refund in the following cases:

  • No writer has been assigned.
  • The writer has been confirmed, but the client canceled the order.
  • Late delivery.
  • Two payments were made.

Please note the bad quality claims are discussed with the manager individually and based on that conversation/investigation the amount of the refund is determined. If you can prove that plagiarised your paper, they promise to provide a 100% refund.

Finally! Real EssayPro Review (2023) | ScamFighter (8) Types of Services

The company offers lots of writing services, including:

  • Custom writing
    • essays;
    • case studies;
    • research papers;
    • term papers;
    • dissertations;
    • research proposals, etc.
  • Editing
  • Proofreading
  • Rewriting
  • Homework assignments
  • Word problems
  • Short answer questions
  • Multiple-choice questions

Finally! Real EssayPro Review (2023) | ScamFighter (9) Ordering Process

It takes a while to order a paper on EssayPro, and the whole process may seem like a chore, but it’s worth it in the end.

  1. Sign up for an account with
  2. Fill in the order form with all the details of your assignment.
  3. Browse writers’ bids to find the right person for your paper.
  4. Accept the bid after you talk to the writers.
  5. Add money to your balance.
  6. Check the order summary to confirm your order.
  7. Release the reserved payment after you download the paper and end the contract with the writer.
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Finally! Real EssayPro Review (2023) | ScamFighter (10) Prices and Fees

Students are always searching for services offering pocket-friendly prices, and this is no surprise. EssayPro prices are very affordable, so asking for assistance from their writers won’t break the bank.

Services Price per page
Custom Writing $10.80 - $18.00
Rewriting $7.56 - $12.60
Editing $5.40 - $9.00
Proofreading $3.24 - $5.400
Multiple-choice questions $13.50 - $22.50
Short answer questions $13.50 - $22.50
Word problems $10.80 - $18.00
Homework assignments $11.70 - $22.50

For example, you can save up to 40%! In EssayPro reviews onReddit, I’ve read that the bigger order you place, the bigger discount you're intitled to.

  • a 2 page order - 5%
  • a 3 page order - 10%
  • a 4 page order - 15%
  • a 5 page order - 20%
  • a 6 page order - 25%
  • a 7-14 page order - 30%
  • a 15-19 page order - 35%
  • a 20+ page order - 40%

Finally! Real EssayPro Review (2023) | ScamFighter (11) Paper Quality

EssayPro provides papers of high quality. I paid just over $30 for a 3-page essay that was ready in 2 weeks, though I did get a 10% discount as a first-time customer. I wanted an overview of the international abortion regulations and social trends for my college Sociology class.

Their writer did a good job describing the US regulations, though they couldn’t fit state-by-state differences in such a short essay. And I would have liked a deeper insight into anti-abortion regulations in the EU, but overall the essay was top-notch. I have to agree with EssayPro Reddit reviews that praise the writers. I didn’t find any glaring errors, and a couple of typos I found were easy to fix.

Finally! Real EssayPro Review (2023) | ScamFighter (12) Customer Support

There were some claims that EssayPro has slow support agents. So I decided to prove or debunk that myth. I sent a message and got a reply in a minute. At first, I thought they were automated answers, but as I kept asking questions, I realized I was talking to a human support agent. They provided quick answers that were straight to the point. I don’t know who spreads negative rumors, but I suggest you don’t believe every fake out there and test everything for yourself.

Finally! Real EssayPro Review (2023) | ScamFighter (13) Offers and Extra Services

  • Free plagiarism report - ask for it and they'll attach it to your order free of charge
  • Unlimited edits - after the final paper you have 30 days for unlimited amendments to your order
  • Free title page
  • Free outline

If you opt for writing services where you can pick a Top expert or benefit from some other options, check this SpeedyPaper review for more details.

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Is EssayPro legit?Based on the reviews published online and EssayPro policies on their site, I can say that this company is legit and there're no reasons to think otherwise.
Is EssayPro reliable?Sometimes you can find some bad grudges that essaypro missed the deadline or the quality wasn't top-notched. But I had a good experience using the service - everything was as promised. So, as for me, essaypro is a reliable company.
Is EssayPro good?The answer whether essay pro good depends on what writer you get. Many of their writers are good but as elsewhere there is a couple of lazybones who aren't able to get their job done. You have to make sure you choose a professional.
EssayPro writersAt essaypro you can choose the writer yourself and talk to him/her. I do believe this is an important part of the ordering process. Ask the writer what they know about the topic, their qualifications and so on. Then make sure you explained everything as detailed as possible. By doing so, you'll minimize the chances of getting a paper that goes against your expectations.
Is EssayPro scam?I don't think that is a scam. You can be sure that they don't take your money and disappear. Maybe there will be some parts in the paper you don't like but you can always request a revision.

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Can you get in trouble for using EssayPro? ›

Students cannot use the EssayPro platform to engage in any type of illegal activity or violate any institutional policies. Students are not allowed to take any academic materials they've received from freelance writers and pass them off as their own.

How legit is EssayPro? ›

Is EssayPro legit? After ordering two essays, and talking to support and the writers, we can tell you that the answer is affirmative. Yes, Essay Pro is legit. It's a trusted platform that struggling or busy students can benefit from.

How much does EssayPro pay per page? ›

Term Paper Writing Service by Experts - $11/page | EssayPro.

How do you make money in EssayPro? ›

Become an EssayPro writer in 5 easy steps
  1. 15% Proof of identity. First, you'll provide documentation to verify your identity. ...
  2. 25% Diploma verification. ...
  3. 50% Provide writing samples. ...
  4. 75% Test assignment. ...
  5. 100% Trial period.

Do people get caught using essay writing services? ›

People usually turn to essay writing services for help with their academic assignments, but there have been several cases in which students have been caught red-handed using these services.

Can you get caught buying essays? ›

Contract cheating can be very difficult to spot. As the essays are bespoke they're unlikely to be picked up by software which some universities use to detect plagiarism.

Is EssayPro plagiarized? ›

We have collected some testimonials form services like Sitejabber and Trustpilot. Some customers could be very strict: “EssayPro is an unreliable writing service with unqualified writers. Their work is often plagiarized and full of errors, leading to numerous revisions and dissatisfaction.

What is the most legit essay writing service? ›

Choose the Best Essay Writing Service for Your Needs
  • BBQPapers. All-Around Best Paper Writing Service. $17.5.
  • PaperHelp. Best College Essay Writing Service Runner-up. $13.
  • SpeedyPaper. Best Price, Good Value. $11.
  • GradeMiners. Best for Short Deadlines and Urgent Orders. $14.
  • EssayPro. Best Choice of Writers. $11.4.
Sep 28, 2022

What is the most trusted essay writing service? ›

The List of the 5 Best Essay Writing Services:
  • PaperHelp. Best Value. $12.
  • BBQPapers. Best Essay Writers. $17.55.
  • GradeMiners. Best Delivery Speed. $14.59.
  • EssayPro. Best 24/7 Service. $10.80.
Jan 13, 2023

How much should I charge for a 5 page essay? ›

You should expect to pay in the range of $15-$30 per page to have someone write a paper for you. The cost to write your essay depends on a number of factors that may vary from with different writing assignments.

How much should you get paid for writing an essay? ›

The average pay rate is between 13 and 27 cents per word for accepted essays.

How much should I charge per page for writing? ›

Responses make clear many freelance writers are unaware that $750-$1200 has been the going rate for 1-2 page case studies for ages, and that $300-$500 per page for white paper writing jobs is pretty standard, too. That's right, the most common rate for case studies that writers reported is just $100-$300.

How much can I get paid for writing? ›

How Much Do Writer Jobs Pay per Week?
Annual SalaryMonthly Pay
Top Earners$91,000$7,583
75th Percentile$72,500$6,041
25th Percentile$37,500$3,125

How much can online writing pay? ›

Experienced transcribers often get promotions to work as editors and reviewers which is a management position. “A junior level transcriber working eight hours a day earns about Ksh1,000 a day. The more experienced writers who are able to type faster earn about Ksh3,000-Ksh5,000 a day.

Can you make a lot of money from writing? ›

Freelance writing can be a fantastic way to earn money and can even lead to full-time income if you can consistently produce quality work.

Can professors find out if you bought an essay? ›

Can a professor tell if you bought a paper online? They short answer is – Yes. Most professors use a plagiarism checker like TurnItIn to identify if a paper has been used before.

Do people cheat on college essays? ›

An increasing number of American college students are cheating by paying others to write essays for them. They're also cheating themselves out of a vital part of their education—and they may have been cheated by a system that has failed to teach them to write.

How much of my essay can be plagiarized? ›

For essay, report and/or thesis submissions, a plagiarism percentage exceeding 20% would serve as an immediate indicator of a submission which has been deliberately plagiarised by the student with the aim of deceiving their academic tutor or exam invigilator.

Can I plagiarized my college essay? ›

Consequences of Plagiarism in a College Application

The college admission committee will reject applications if they find strong evidence of plagiarism in admission essays. Such an action is a warning for students to not fail in complying with the codes of conduct that affect academic integrity.

What happens if my essay is plagiarized? ›

If you as a student are unsure of the consequences of plagiarism or rather doubt them, you should consider the following: Plagiarism can get you expelled from your course, college and/or university. Plagiarism can result in your work being destroyed. Plagiarism can result in legal action, fines and penalties etc.

How do you copy an essay without getting caught? ›

How to avoid being accused of plagiarism
  1. Write articles in your own words.
  2. Cite any articles you use.
  3. Use quotation marks for any phrases, sentences or paragraphs you have copied from another article.

Is hiring an essay writer cheating? ›

Although hiring an expert writer for help with your essay could save cash and time, you could be accused of plagiarism. A professional writer may write your essay even if you're not cautious. It is often not ethical and could even endanger your academic credibility.

Can Turnitin detect EssayPro? ›

Turnitin cannot detect original essays written from scratch, even if you've bought it online. It's good at flagging plagiarized papers, paper sourced from public databases already cached by their system.

Can Turnitin detect writing? ›

Most institutions have an internal database of previously submitted student papers. Turnitin can check for self-plagiarism by comparing your paper against this database. If you've reused parts of an assignment you already submitted, it will flag any similarities as potential plagiarism.

Has anyone ever paid for an essay? ›

Tens of thousands of students are believed to have bought essays online and submitted them to university tutors, a practice known as “contract plagiarism”.

What is the best essay writing service in USA? ›

The List of 7 Best Essay Writing Services 2022/23
  1. 99Papers. 99Papers is the top essay writing service out there today. ...
  2. PaperHelp. PaperHelp is a top essay writing service company in the United States with plenty of features. ...
  3. 1Essay. ...
  4. Studdit. ...
  5. EssayPro. ...
  6. EssayBox. ...
  7. MyAdmissionEssay.
Dec 22, 2022

What is the fastest essay writing service? ›

GradeMiners — The Fastest Essay Writing Site

At GradeMiners, if your essay isn't very long, you may expect to receive it in one hour from a professional essay writer. This is the best essay writing service to choose if you need your project completed as quickly as possible.

What is the best college essay review service? ›

EssayPro. EssayPro is considered the best writing service for college papers. The company offers high-quality essays that can be written and delivered even if there is an emergency or a tight deadline. The company charges as low as $10 for a page and you can pay once your content is delivered.

Where can I check if my essay is good? ›

Check Your Essay. Grammarly's free essay-checking tool will help you review your papers for grammatical mistakes, unclear sentences, and misused words. Save time and be confident your work will make the grade!

What that one website that writes essays for you? ›

EduBirdie is one of the most reputable websites to help with essays. The papers are original, custom-tailored, and delivered on time. The “hire your writer” system works well, especially when you have enough time to chat with the writers and monitor the progress of your project.

How much should I charge for a 1000 word essay? ›

The low end for a 1000-word research article is around $75, while an experienced writer may charge closer to $250 or more.

How long should it take to write a 5 page paper? ›

If we assume that one page has roughly 500 words, then a 5-page paper should require 2,500 words. From experience, in order to write about 2,500 words in an effective way, you would need about 4-8 days (between 625/words per day at the most, and 313 words/day if you are spacing it out over 8 days).

How much does a 300 word essay cost? ›

How Many Words per Page?
Word CountPages (single-spaced)Pages (double-spaced)
21 more rows

What types of writing pay the most? ›

But you may ask;
  • What Makes a Freelance Gig profitable? The ratio of supply and demand is what makes a niche profitable. ...
  • What Are The Most Profitable Freelance Writing Jobs? ...
  • 1: Book Ghostwriting. ...
  • 2: White-papers. ...
  • 3: Long-form Content. ...
  • 4: E-Book Writing. ...
  • 5: Case Studies. ...
  • 6: SEO Writing.

How much should I charge for a 1500 word essay? ›

2+ years of experienced freelance writers earn up to $100k. The most common freelance writing rate for a 1,500-word blog is $250 to $400. The most common freelance writing rate for white papers is $500 to $1000.

Can you write essays for a living? ›

If you have a unique perspective, experience, thoughts, or advice from your side of the fence, you can get paid to write personal essays…in just about any niche. But you need to know where to look when learning how to make money writing, and how to pitch an editor when you do.

How much should I charge for 100 words? ›

I consider the price of $5 for 100 words to be the most acceptable and fair for a freelance writer. Based on my experience it usually takes you up to one hour to write a 500-word article. So, if your hourly rate is $25 per hour, you can do the math. The catch is that freelance writing prices can vary a lot.

How much does it take to write 20 pages? ›

Writing 20 pages will take about 4.2 hours for the average writer typing on a keyboard and 8.3 hours for handwriting.

How long does it take to write a 1,000 word essay? ›

Writing 1,000 words will take about 25 minutes for the average writer typing on a keyboard and 50 minutes for handwriting. However, if the content needs to include in-depth research, links, citations, or graphics such as for a blog article or high school essay, the length can grow to 3.3 hours.

How do beginner writers get paid? ›

  1. Start a blog. Blogging is a tried-and-true method for writers to make money online. ...
  2. Create blog posts (for others) ...
  3. Establish a niche website. ...
  4. Self-Publish a book. ...
  5. Create affiliate content. ...
  6. Write scripts for video creators. ...
  7. Write show notes for podcasts. ...
  8. Create written content for social media.

How much does a beginner writer make? ›

How much does an Entry Level Creative Writer make? As of Feb 18, 2023, the average annual pay for an Entry Level Creative Writer in the United States is $49,492 a year.

Who is the richest writer in the world? ›

The Ten Richest Authors in the World
  • Nigel Blackwell – $292.5 Million.
  • Barbara Taylor Bradford – $300 Million.
  • Danielle Steel – $310 Million.
  • Nora Roberts – $390 Million.
  • Stephen King – $400 Million.
  • James Patterson – $560 Million.
  • J.K. Rowling – $1 Billion.
  • Elisabeth Badinter – 1.3 Billion.
Feb 10, 2023

Can I make 1000 a month freelance writing? ›

Even with little or no experience, you can make $1,000 or more per month as a freelance writer in a short period of time. But that's just the beginning! Some of the go getters I know earn as much as $100K- $200K a year from freelance copywriting jobs (more about that below)!

What website pays you to write? ›

At, you can easily find well-paying writing jobs associated to your interests. The payments vary depending on the complexity of the job, but you'll get from $7 to $31 per page for your work.

What is the highest paid writing job? ›

What Are the 15 Highest Paying Writing Jobs?
  • Technical Writer.
  • Speechwriter.
  • Screenwriter.
  • Novelist.
  • Ghostwriter.
  • Greeting Card Writer.
  • Travel Writer.
  • Grant Writer.

What percentage of writers make a living? ›

The top 2% or so of authors make a good living and the most successful authors – including self-published authors – make a tremendous amount of money.”

How long does it take to make money from writing? ›

If you're measuring profit based on book sales, the truth is that it will take two years, based on a book sale price of $25, an initial publishing investment of $10,000, and you selling 250 books a year (you'll need to sell 400 books at $25 to make $10,000).

Can you make 100k as a writer? ›

Yes, you can make $100,000 per year as a writer and editor.

While possible, it is unlikely to earn over $100k as a writer and editor because even higher-paid positions do not typically earn more than $83,000 per year. The average annual salary for a writer and editor is $52,406.

Are essay websites illegal? ›

It's legal to buy essay online, in spite of ethical concerns about paying for the services of an essayist. There are writing services available online, and they operate the same way as hiring a professional, only you can choose your expertise and writing style. These companies also deliver higher high-quality work.

Are assignment writing services legal? ›

Essays writing services are completely legal and operate like any other service provider.

Are college essay writing services legal? ›

Essay writing services are legal but tutors don't allow them. Most companies, however, have a strong ethical policy that guides their writing practice. They recognize that it is against their policy to trade, sell or transfer your content to third parties without prior notice.

Can I write an essay without plagiarizing? ›

You can avoid plagiarism by:

Keeping track of the sources you consult in your research. Paraphrasing or quoting from your sources (and adding your own ideas) Crediting the original author in an in-text citation and in your reference list. Using a plagiarism checker before you submit.

What essay sites are legit? ›

Choose the Best Essay Writing Service for Your Needs
  • BBQPapers. All-Around Best Paper Writing Service. $17.5.
  • PaperHelp. Best College Essay Writing Service Runner-up. $13.
  • SpeedyPaper. Best Price, Good Value. $11.
  • GradeMiners. Best for Short Deadlines and Urgent Orders. $14.
  • EssayPro. Best Choice of Writers. $11.4.
Sep 28, 2022

Can someone steal your college essay? ›

College essays are meant to be a personal narrative, so the risk of someone stealing work is definitely lower than your typical persuasive or argumentative essays from school assignments. Despite this, we know some students will plagiarize and pass off someone else's stories and ideas as their own.

Do online essays count as academic cheating? ›

If however you have independently written the essay, then you are good to go. If you have not read it, then you have done nothing wrong. Here, we would would not consider this as cheating.


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